50 Realistic Financial New Year's Resolution You can Keep

50 Realistic Financial New Year's Resolution You can Keep

Are you ready to makeover your finances in 2023?

If you are, then let's get started!

It's time to set some financial goals for the New Year. This may be the first time you've made a financial resolution, or it's the fifth time. 

Either way, we all spend too much money; the sad part is that most of us aren't even aware of it. We allow old bad habits to continue from year to year. No matter if you've been broke before or never had any issues as far as money is concerned, there are ways you can makeover your finances in 2023 and every year after that so that you'll be able to enjoy your life, stress less about your financial future, and feel more peace about your finances.

The best part is that it won't take a lot of effort on your part but rather just a change in mindset and a few minor tweaks here and there throughout the year.

If you're looking for some inspiration when it comes to financial resolutions, check out this list of 50 financial New Year's resolution ideas. 

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Think of this as a guidebook and a starting point for your journey toward financial independence. If you're starting your journey or want to see what other people are doing to achieve their goals, this list is for you!


Budgeting Resolutions

  1. Start budgeting using budgeting spreadsheets
  2. Stick to your budget
  3. Start an emergency fund
  4. Start tracking your spending
  5. Categorize your expenses
  6. Try cash envelope budgeting
  7. Automate your savings
  8. Start a sinking fund
  9. Save for retirement
  10. Cut out all unnecessary expenses

Frugal Living Resolutions

  1. Eat out less 
  2. Grow your food
  3. Stop buying things you don't need.
  4. Cut back on eating out
  5. Make your meals at home more often.
  6. Make your coffee at home
  7. Start meal planning
  8. Unsubscribe to all sales emails
  9. Complete a money savings challenge
  10. Find something you can DIY instead of buying

Passive Income Resolution

  1. Find a niche and write an eBook on it
  2. Start making money online with affiliate marketing
  3. Create an online course(s)
  4. Start a blog and make money from AdSense or affiliates
  5. Start investing wisely

Paying off Debt Resolution

  1. Use Cash Only
  2. Make a list of your debts and their interest rates
  3. Prioritize which debts to pay first based on their interest rates
  4. Develop a debt payoff plan and stick to it
  5. Start tracking your debt balance

Saving for Retirement Resolution

  1. Start saving early
  2. Start investing in a Roth IRA
  3. Choose a target date fund
  4. Review your 401(k) fund options
  5. Take advantage of company matching programs
  6. Don't touch your retirement funds early!
  7. Calculate how much money you need to retire
  8. Calculate the age at which you can retire
  9. Increase your contributions by 1% every six months
  10. Learn all about your company's retirement benefits

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Financial Resolutions

  1. Stop borrowing money from your savings account
  2. Keep the balance between saving and spending in check
  3. Keep track of household expenses and spending
  4. Increase your credit score by 30 points
  5. Keep a money journal of your money thoughts
  6. Take inventory of where your money is going
  7. Learn about money management tools
  8. Read one personal finance book each month
  9. Take a step back and review your financial achievements
  10. Think of a money mistake you made in 2022 and vow not to repeat it

With the New Year upon us, it would be great to take some time to reflect on how we can improve our finances. Whether you're trying to get out of debt, save more money, or develop better financial habits, this list should help you progress over the next few months.

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